We offer a wide variety of custom pew end routings and can simulate a design you may have.

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Pew Accessories

Church Pew Accessories

Many churches enhance their church pews with our accessories. Available options include bookracks, cup holders, pencils & card holders, and more. Shaped edges, routed crosses and inserts are options for our Solid Oak Pew ends. If you are interested in learning more about available accessories for our pews and pew ends, contact our team at (800) 334-1139 or connect with us here online. View examples of some of our available accessories below!

Carving Inserts

Pew End Edge Shapes

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Bookracks & Cardholders

Celtic Cross & Routed Cross

Folding Kneelers

Kivett’s offers padded folding kneelers with metal or wood frames. Both types of kneelers are equipped with rubber bumpers as well as rubber stops to minimize noise during use. Kivett kneelers can be upholstered with a large variety of fabrics that will match or blend with your décor.

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