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How To Buy Church Pews | 4 Easy Steps

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How to Buy A Church Pew

Buying a church pew is a sign of exciting times! Maybe you need furniture for a new church plant or you’re upgrading your current one. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place. Kivett’s Fine Church Furniture has been manufacturing and supplying the country with church pews since 1958 and has decades of information to share regarding buying church pews. The first step in the buying process is of course analyzing the necessity of getting new pews. If refurbishment is no longer an option then continue reading!

Research: How To Plan For Church Pews

Pews come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles and it is very important to know exactly what size you need. It is good to know how many people come through your church doors for service and to keep in mind the spacing between the pews that will be needed to allow people ample walking space.

While deciding on the reason for buying pews is important, equally important is who you’re buying them from. Look for furniture manufacturers that use high-quality wood (ex. Hardwood Oak), fasteners, and upholstery for long-lasting pews for your church.

Budgeting: How Much Should A Church Pew Cost

The cost of a pew will fluctuate depending on its body style and the materials utilized. For instance, at Kivett’s, an average fully upholstered twelve-foot pew typically runs around $750. This price also includes delivery and installation conducted by our proficient in-house technicians.

Your church pew may very well cost less than that, so be sure to schedule a complimentary consultation with our nationwide team to get the most accurate number.

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Selecting: Which Church Pews Look Best

More than likely there will be other wood furnishings in your church. When looking to buy church pews keep in mind the color of your other wooden items in your church, like the altar, chairs, or pulpit, and find pews that match. If you found the perfect pew already but the color is off, we’d love to help you get your pews refinished!

Always include elders, pastors, and whoever may be involved in the process of styling the church furniture.

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Purchasing and Installation: How To Get Church Pews Installed

You’ve planned well, correctly budgeted as a steward of what God has given you, and your team has agreed on what style of pew will best fit the church. At this point, you’ve done all that you need to do and now it’s time to sit back and relax!

Your pews will be manufactured in the U.S.A., delivered to your church, and installed by our team as quickly as possible, while not sacrificing quality or customer service.

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Who Is Kivett’s Fine Church Furniture?

Kivett’s Inc. stands as the biggest family-owned pew maker and refinisher in the USA. Our success is rooted in valuing our skilled craftsmen and maintaining high standards. Since 1958, we’ve combined durable oak construction with modern comfort, offering upholstered seating for today’s needs.

Discover the enduring comfort and craftsmanship of Kivett’s pews today. Elevate your space with quality seating that stands the test of time!

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