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Wood Framed Chairs

Wood Framed & Upholstered Chairs

Since 1958, we have been manufacturing quality wood-framed chairs for churches and places of worship throughout the United States. Our combination of experienced craftsmanship and modern technology allows us to bring you a product that meets and exceeds industry standards. We are proudly family owned and operated, and have a team of specialists spread across the country to provide consultation on projects in any state. If you are interested in learning more about our wood framed chair options, call our team at (800) 334-1139 or contact us here online for more information. Our team is ready to help provide you with the information you need to select the perfect furniture for your unique space! Reach out to us today, or view some samples of a few of our available wood framed chair models below.


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Cup Holder


Gang Together

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What To Look For When Buying Wood Framed Chairs

Not all wood framed chairs are created equal. As tempted as you might be to focus on price before all else, there are a few factors to consider before you buy wood framed chairs for your church. At Kivett’s, we’ve perfected every little detail over the last 64 years to ensure our chairs are designed exactly to your needs and those of your congregation, and make replacing pews with wooden chairs a breeze.

  • Sturdiness
  • Kivett’s wood framed chairs are made from handpicked materials and premium wood. Our experienced craftsmen thoroughly test the wood for structural durability and strength before we use it to make our chairs, pews and other furniture.
  • Flexibility
  • If your space needs some imagination to ensure you can fit more people on busy days, our K-Flex wood framed chairs are sturdy, easy to move and stackable. They’re made with light-weight wood and are thoughtfully designed for large, medium or small spaces.
  • Comfort
  • Made with high-density cushioning, our wood framed chairs are designed for long hours of sitting without packing any excess weight on the chair. Built for durability, you can rest assured the cushioning will stay soft for years to come and won’t lose shape.
  • Space
  • Working with a small space? No worries. Our K-Flex wood framed chairs are ergonomically designed to ensure they take up the least space possible while providing optimum comfort. You can stack them close together to increase seating in tight spaces. Our customers love the premium look they bring to the church when arranged tastefully.
  • Customization
  • If you need the upholstery or finish on your wood framed chairs to follow an architectural or design theme, our craftsmen have you covered. You can try a wide variety of wood stain colors and upholstery shade sampling before you decide to purchase.
  • Additional Features
  • Our K-Flex wood framed chairs come with an easily-reachable cup holder at the base, so your congregation has its hands free to join in prayer, worship and celebration. A sturdy base ensures that any cup placed in the holder isn’t prone to spillage or tip overs.

    But Don’t All Wood Framed Chairs Do That?

    Not really. Most wood framed chairs are primarily designed by function—whether it’s dining room furniture or outdoor seating on patios or in an office space. Church furniture is a very specific niche that requires a slightly different style of build and finish. Our chairs are specifically designed to support different weights for long hours, while being easy to move around and organize in large numbers. Additional features like the cup holder are designed specifically for church functions and keeping congregations in mind.

    Where Can I Learn More?

    You can call our toll free number at (800) 334-1139 or our local number (910) 529-0161 if you’re in North Carolina. You’re welcome to stop by and look at our wide variety of church pews, chairs and other furniture if you’re in Clinton. 

    Since 1958, we’ve worked with churches all over the country to design premium, custom-made chairs built to specifications and to match your space, giving it an uplifting look and feel. We even make bespoke courtroom seating.

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