View some examples of our Frontal Screens and Rails. We also offer custom designs.

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Screens and Rails

Screens And Rails

At Kivett’s we have provided custom built pews and furniture to churches and places of worship, courtrooms, funeral homes, offices, and more since 1958. In addition to our pews and furniture, we also offer frontal screens and rails, including custom designs for your space if desired. If you are interested in learning more about our custom wooden screens and rails, call us at (800) 334-1139 or contact us here online. 

Below are a few examples of our huge selection of available designs for screens and rails. We can also provide custom designs for your space. 

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Kivett’s Screens & Rails

Does church furniture matter? That’s a question that remodelers, architects and interior decorators often ask churches that are looking to upgrade or add furniture.

So, let’s think about it this way: Your congregation comes to church often after a long, hard week. Some of them come from far away. The church is their source of comfort and peace. For some, it’s their source of identity.

At Kivett’s, we don’t think of our job as furnishing churches. We see it as our opportunity to add to that sense of peace, calm and comfort. Yes, we build custom furniture for courtrooms and offices and funeral homes too, but it’s church furniture that we’re most known for, because it’s what makes us proudest. It helps us improve the lives of all those who gather in praise of the Lord.


Isn’t all church furniture the same?

Church architecture and furniture has been an art since medieval times. Each church across the land had a different aesthetic, a different aura—often dictated by the head priest. Even today, every church is different. Not only in terms of the type of furniture or upholstery or stained glass, even in terms of layout. Some churches prefer pews right up to the altar, some prefer them to be spaced out and separated by screens and rails.


What are screens and rails?

Screens are low (usually wooden) barriers that separate certain areas in the church, primarily the priests’ altar from the pews. Sometimes, screens can separate different sections of the church as well. This makes movement through the premise easier, and helps navigate crowds without confusion. 

Rails are specific types of screens that have see-through sections in the center. They often look like railroads, hence the name. Because of the hollow spaces throughout the barrier, they allow for more artistic designs, while also reducing the feeling of separation. They’re not as opaque as traditional screens and especially when used between sections of the church, can make the congregation feel more united, while still maintaining clear partitions and paths.


What kind of screens and rails does Kivett’s make?

Pretty much any wooden screen or rail that goes best with your church’s furniture and architecture. Not only can we custom-make a wide variety of screens and rails per your specifications, we can also stain-match them so they look exactly like your current furniture. We do this on your schedule and around your convenience, so as to not disturb service ever. Our experts can visit your church and work with you to help you determine the best solution.

In addition, Kivett’s also refinishes and restores all worship facility seating.


Where can I learn more?

You can call our toll free number at (800) 334-1139 to speak to a Kivett’s expert, or to get a quote. You’re welcome to stop by and look at our wide variety of church pews, chairs and other furniture if you’re in Clinton, North Carolina. We look forward to serving you, and helping your church look and feel the best it can.

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