For billions of people around the world, their church is their second home, and it deserves the same amount of care and consideration.

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Heavenly Interior Design Tips for Churches

Interior Design Tips for Churches

For billions of people around the world, their church is their second home, and it deserves the same amount of care and consideration. This extends to the interior design of your worship space as well. Whether building a new space or refreshing an old one, here are some tips for creating a beautiful, cohesive design that’s perfect for your flock.

Keep the history of your space in mind.

Are you in a modern building, a mobile ministry space, or ancient worship space complete with stained glass and stone church steeples? Take the existing themes of your worship space and build your design around that aesthetic. For example, don’t dull the historical value and pleasing visuals of an older church with too many too-modern fixtures, and avoid cluttering up a small space with too many frills and accents.

Stick to a color scheme.

Avoid changing up color schemes too much from room-to-room. Choose a suitable palette of colors and use those (interchangeably if you want, to have some differentiation between rooms). Church furniture that has fabrics or requires certain colors can be customized to fit your design esthetic if bought new, but remember that re-upholstery of antique church pews’ hassocks and footrests, couches, or office chairs is very possible, too.

Choose durability over aesthetic.

Maybe you have a pretty carpeting choice in mind, but if it’s not durable enough to stand up to the extensive foot traffic that your church will enjoy over the years, then you’ll either be looking at a worn-down carpet or an expensive replacement project very soon. The same principle goes for church pews; choose durable materials that will still look fresh and be relatively easy to clean over many years. Consider durability when designing any kids’ ministry spaces as well.

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Second hand church pews can be beautiful fixtures with lots of personality and history. If you currently have or stumble upon pews you would like to breathe some new life into, a restoration specialist should be happy to help. The same goes for fixtures like podiums, casual furniture, and decorations like crosses or stained glass. Old things carry history and majesty, but new designs allow you personalization. The best church designs find a natural balance between the old and the new.


If you’re in a large space with plenty of room for all your needs, you might not need to think twice about securely bolting your church pews to the floor or setting up a permanent kitchen for events and coffee hours. If your fellowship’s situation is a little more mobile or just needs more flexibility, your fixtures can accommodate that with a little planning. Nowadays there are even options for portable baptismal pools. A professional designer or church furniture expert can help you find more functional options.


Getting the input of your church family on your shared space is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate. However, here’s one word of warning: be careful of allowing too many cooks in the kitchen! Consider working with just a few trusted peers and a savvy designer to get a few promising designs. If you are still seeking input, you can have your congregation vote on which they like best.

Don’t get overwhelmed about the many choices you have to make! You have the full support of your fellowship to back you up and the expertise of Kivett’s church furniture professionals to help you stay on track.

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