When you think of church, what comes to mind? The answer to this question will vary greatly from person to person…

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3 Questions To Ask When Designing Your Church Pews

When you think of church, what comes to mind?

The answer to this question will vary greatly from person to person, but most will likely picture a welcoming space with their congregation seated neatly in the church pews. While these pews can seem like ever-lasting fixtures in your church building, their design needs careful thought and consideration. Whether you’re looking to update the pews in your church or you want to buy church pews for the first time, keep these important questions in mind.

What are the needs of the people in your church?

The first factor you should keep in mind is the number of people who will regularly attend services. You will want plenty of pew space to fit everyone who comes regularly, as well as some extra to accommodate additional guests. If you structure your pews in straight rows rather than in a radius, you will be able to fit more in your church.

One of the most common obstacles with antique church pews is that they are not very accessible for those with limited mobility. If many members of your congregation rely on wheelchairs, walkers, or canes to get around, you may want to consider installing more open pews towards the back of the church for easy access. You can also supplement the pews with chairs for accessible seating and for extra seating.

What are the primary functions that occur during a service?

When you have the opportunity to install or refurbish church pews, you also have the opportunity to cater their design to the exact needs of your services and meetings. For instance, churches with a tradition of public kneeling prayer often equip their pews with kneelers in front of the seating bench. These cushions are especially important for older congregation members.

Services that incorporate frequent bouts of standing and walking call for ample spacing between pews. This small change in design can make a huge difference when your members are constantly rising and sitting.

In terms of iconic church images, the classic wooden pews are just as important as impressive church steeples and beautiful stained glass windows. Ensure that the pews in your church are structured correctly and you will have the perfect space for worship.

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