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Church Pew Dimensions

Church Pew Dimensions

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Visiting a church is one of the most sacred practices in a person’s life. The church is the house of Jesus, so everything there is pure and potent. You can stay there for as much time as you wish – you can attend morning or evening masses, sit there to spend some time or pray in peace, confess to your sins with a priest, and more.

 Did it ever occur to you that the benches you sit on – known as pews – in every church have their own seating arrangements, with the pews set accordingly. In this article, you will get to know everything about church pews, be it the dimensions or their average length. Let’s start!

Where Did the Term Pew Come From?

What exactly is a pew, and why does it refer to a large bench in a church? The term “pew” is derived from a Latin word that means “more than one platform,” or podia. From here, it evolved as the idea of elevated seating structures developed – such as VIP seating boxes.  This is how the French word puie came about, which means “balcony.”

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What Are The Average Sizes Of Church Pew?

When selecting church pews, two things should be considered: the size of your church and the number of people in your community.

Since pews come in a variety of sizes, you have numerous possibilities for arranging them in the church. You may choose a single row of long pews, two or three rows of shorter pews with aisles, or long pews in the center with short benches on either side.

Consider how your church uses aisles while designing the basic outline. Aisles may be used for contribution and communion. Where do the priest, choir, pastor, or other individuals enter the church from? Is your congregation more interested in formal weddings, or are ceremonies for non-congregants a significant source of money for your church? All of these considerations will influence your selection of pew arrangements. Aisles must be at least 4′ wide in order for people to walk properly to their pews or for a single-file ceremony. If you have formal weddings or extensive processions, 6′ to 8′ may work better instead. Ensure that your aisles are wheelchair and walker accessible. Unless you use kneelers, pews should be at least 36 inches apart from front to back. If the public kneels throughout the service, greater space between the rows will be required.

Can A Church Pew Be Made In Different Sizes?

Church pews are available in a multitude of sizes.  Since the arrangement of the pews differs depending on the church, thew pews may need to be different sizes to accommodate that seating.  This arrangement entirely depends on how the church functions – how individuals flow throughout the church, if many weddings or baptisms take place there, or if the focus relies on something else.

Traditional pews set at standard three-feet across and leave a one-foot space for departing the pew. The rules prohibit more than seven seats from the middle of the row to the nearest aisle. The typical maximum pew length is 22′ 6″ or 15 seats.

Church pew ends are supported by a foundation that is attached to the floor. Pew bases are made of solid kiln-dried oak, with many different available stain options; the dimensions are 2 1/2″ in height, 2 1/4″ in width, and 20 12″ in length.

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How Many People Fit On One Church Pew?

A single pew should not have more than 14 or 15 people in it. Typically, a space of about 18′′ per person is intended. However, this may not be feasible for your congregation. Do you have a large number of young children? Are your church’s members comfortable sitting close together, or do they want more space? Is it customary for the congregation to stand and sit several times throughout a service? Do you have any elderly individuals who may require additional space to stand? Examine your community for a few services; you may require 21′′ or so per person in your pews.

If you have a choir, you must additionally consider that choirs are frequently seated by voice: alto, bass, and tenor are frequently sat separately. Even if you have a tiny choir, your singers may sit in one row with ladies and men in another. Choirs may also require additional room for musical instruments. No matter the size, your choir will most likely require more room per person than your crowd.

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The term “pew” comes from a Latin word that means “more than one platform,” or podia. The term changed over time, and the notion of an elevated sitting box or pedestal seating was established. This elevated seating was named from the Old French term pure, which means “balcony” or “elevation.”   Church pews come in all different sizes, and there is no correct pew size – it really depends on what dimensions work best for your congregation’s seating arrangement.

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