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How tall is the tallest church steeple?

How Tall Is The Tallest Church Steeple?



What is the tallest church in the world?

Curious about the tallest steeple in the world? The steeple that reaches the highest towards the heavens belongs to the tallest church in the world. The tallest church in the world is Ulm Minster. This gothic style church was completed in 1890 and is ranked 5th among the tallest buildings built before the 20th century. While this cathedral is currently the tallest church in the world, it will likely be surpassed by Sagrada Familia in Spain. If you are looking specifically at steeples, La Sagrada Familia has some of the most interesting and breathtaking designs in the world; the steeples are no exception. This world-renowned Roman Catholic church is scheduled to be compiled in 2026 standing at 566 feet tall.

Where is the tallest steeple in the world?

The tallest church in the world is located in Ulm, Germany. From start to finish, it took over 350 years. It wasn’t until the last construction period ended in 1890 that Ulm Minster took the lead in the tallest church in the world at 530 feet, surpassing Cologne Cathedral at 516 feet, also located in Germany.

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