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How To Decorate Church Pews For Weddings

Weddings held in churches carry profound symbolism, representing the sacred union and commitment within the sanctity of faith, often connected to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. The choice of a church signifies a seeking of spiritual blessings and divine presence for the marriage, invoking prayers and blessings from clergy who follow the teachings of Christ. Beyond tradition and cultural significance, these ceremonies symbolize a commitment before a higher power, emphasizing fidelity and lifelong devotion inspired by Jesus’s teachings on love and sacrifice. They bring together communities of family and friends to support the couple’s union, affirming their inclusion in a broader spiritual family rooted in the teachings of Jesus. Church weddings, often considered sacramental, hold deep spiritual significance, reflecting a shared journey of faith and love inspired by the example set by Jesus Christ.

How To Decorate Church Pews For Weddings

Decorating church pews for weddings can create a beautiful ambiance. Here are some popular ways to do it:

Ribbons and Bows: Tie colorful ribbons or elegant bows along the sides of the pews to add a touch of decoration. You can match them to the wedding theme or color scheme.

Floral Arrangements: Adorn the ends of pews with small floral arrangements or single flowers attached with clips or ribbons. Consider seasonal blooms or the bride’s favorite flowers.

Tulle and Fabric: Drape tulle or fabric swags along the pew ends or create fabric rosettes to add a soft and elegant look.

Greenery or Garlands: Use greenery, such as ivy, eucalyptus, or garlands, to line the pews for a natural and lush appearance.

Personalized Details: Hang personalized signs or small frames on the ends of pews with the couple’s initials, quotes, or messages.

Aisle Runners: Lay an aisle runner bordered by flowers or candles to highlight the path and accentuate the pew decorations.

Candles or Lanterns: Place candles or lanterns at intervals along the aisle for a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Decorative Clips or Clamps: Use decorative clips or clamps to attach decorations securely to the pews without causing damage.

Do Churches Have Guidelines For Wedding Decoration?

Yes! Sometimes churches may have guidelines or restrictions for decorations so be sure to check with the priest, pastor, or elder(s) of the church to make sure you’re following along with the rules they have in place.

What Parts Of The Church Pew Can I Decorate?

There are many different parts of the church pew that may be forgotten when thinking about decorating. There are the obvious ones like the ends, backs, and sides, but there is much more space you can use to make your special day even more memorable. 

Front Facing: For certain events or settings, decorating the front-facing part of the pew with discreet items like small signs, frames, or gentle accents can add a touch of detail without being obtrusive.

Pew Padding or Seats: If permitted and done carefully, you might be able to add subtle touches like small cushions, tied fabric, or delicate floral arrangements atop the seating without causing any damage or obstruction.

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