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How To Sanitize Church Pews

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Over the last three years, there’s been increased sensitivity and concern around church cleanliness, and understandably so. The last thing you want is people feeling unsafe, anxious or worried at their favorite place of worship. When your heart is full of the Lord’s love, there must be no room for anxiety and fear.

That’s why in this article, we’ll explain some simple ways you can ensure your church pews are clean, sanitized and best served to spread the love of God, and not germs.

Why should I regularly sanitize church pews?

Depending on the materials you’ve used to build the pews, they can gather dirt and germs faster than other furniture.

For example, cloth can stain faster and can also catch germs and bacteria quicker, which is why church pews with upholstery may get dirty without you even noticing it. Maybe your church is busier on the weekend than during the week. That means more people sitting in the pews for longer, and hence, higher chances of the pews getting dirty.

One simple way to solve this is direct upholstery of church pews every few years. It’s more affordable than you think, and can undo damage from years of usage.

What about pews that aren’t upholstered?

Depends on the materials used to build the pews. Our preference is always wood, since it’s easier to disinfect and tougher to damage from years of use. Not just that, it also looks a lot more beautiful.

Pews made from materials besides wood are often prone to rust, spotting and other weather-related damage. They tend to retain dirt and germs from regular use and start to discolor quicker too.

At Kivett’s, we’ve been making brand new wooden pews for churches for decades, so if you’re thinking of upgrading your church furniture and making way for more comfortable pews, give us a call!

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What if I just want to clean my current pews?

That’s totally fair, and something that you can do easily.

If your pews are upholstered:

  1. Start with picking debris off surfaces and then thoroughly vacuuming the space.
  2. Get sanitizing sprays such as Clorox or Tide Antibacterial to spray over your upholstery.
  3. Use light amounts of the disinfectant and scrape the upholstery with a light brush without being too aggressive. This will leave your pews smelling better and can even provide a short-term sheen to the fabric. But be careful—overusing disinfectant can take some of the fabric’s natural shine away.


If you have wooden pews:

  1. Identify the type of wooden surface—hard finish or oil finish.
  2. If your furniture has a hard finish, you can use small amounts of standard cleaning spray. If you’d rather use a mild detergent solution, mix in a few drops with warm water before you apply it to your furniture.
  3. If your furniture has an oil finish, you’ll want to be slightly more careful. Use a mild soap and water solution with a soft cloth to clean the surface, and then use another damp cloth to make sure all the soap solution is removed from the furniture. Use a third dry cloth to absorb any remaining moisture.

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